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UIC Radiology 2 Year Repeating Core Curriculum Topics
RadPrimer Curriculum updated 8/4/2020

Rotation Learning Goals and Objectives – UIC Site

Abdominal/Body Imaging Updated 7/1/20
Breast Imaging Updated 7/1/20
Cardiothoracic Updated 07/01/20
Interventional Radiology Updated 7/1/20
MSK Updated 7/1/20
Neuroradiology Updated 7/1/20
Nuclear Medicine Updated 7/1/20
Ultrasound Updated 7/1/20
Research Rotation – Goals and Objectives 11 2020
Research Rotation Grading Rubric 11 2020
Rotation Learning Goals and Objectives – Luie Children’s Site

Lurie Children’s Updated 7/1/20

Rotation Learning Goals and Objectives – JBVA Site

Introductory VA Radiology Goals Objective
Advanced VA Radiology Goals Objective

Rotation Learning Goals and Objectives – LUMC Site

US LUMC Goals and Objectives
NM LUMC Goals and Objectives
Body MRI LUMC Goals and Objectives
CT LUMC Goals and Objectives

Policies and Guidelines
ACGME Diagnostic Radiology Milestones
Supervision Policy – Radiology
Semi-Annual Review Form
Radiology Resident Moonlighting 01_26_2021